San Ġorġ Preca College, Floriana Primary

This is a small state school with a big heart – with a population of 140 children aged between 3 and 10 years. Staff and schoolchildren make it a point to welcome whoever comes to visit us.

The school building was the first one to be used as a school on the island. It is said to be the first building built as a public school during the British rule in Malta. Floriana Primary School is surrounded by beautiful gardens (such as the Argotti and King George V Gardens) and also by historical fountains, such as the Wignacourt fountain which was built by the Order of St John to commemorate the arrival of water supply in Floriana in 1615. The children are often involved in the embellishment of these gardens by planting trees. They were even interviewed on the community radio.

Our school joined EkoSkola in 2007. Since then the Committee planned, coordinated, monitored and evaluated various initiatives with great enthusiasm. New projects are always proposed by the Committee members in order to make the school a healthier and livelier place. The school was awarded the Green Flag in 2009 and it was reconfirmed in 2011. The school also took part in the HSBC-ES Climate Initiative in 2011 through a community-based project on waste management.

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