9th EkoSkola Parliament session

June 20, 2013

The 19th of June was another special day for EkoSkola members.  It was the 9th EkoSkola Parliamentary sitting where student representatives from thirty one schools sat side by side the country’s main policy makers.  Ten of these schools presented their proposals to the House. This year’s theme focused on the children’s environmental concerns that have been elicited during the second edition of the Young People’s Environmental Summit – We care about our future.  The... 

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Audit at Le Meridien

June 12, 2013

Following last year’s environment audit at San Anton Palace, 6 other eco-schools from Sliema and St. Julians took part in another environment audit, this time at Le Meridien Hotel in St. Julians on the 18th April 2013. Students audited areas of the hotel including the pantry, restaurant kitchen, indoor pool, gym, conference area, staff quarters, garbage and laundry rooms, together with a hotel room. The students were assisted by Hotel personnel, under the supervision of Mr. Joseph Zammit, Security... 

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CULTURE on the agenda of EkoSkola Committee Meetings

April 23, 2013

If you are confident that you have tackled common environmental issues well in your school and would like to explore other sustainable development issues, why not try Culture or Cultural Heritage? If you decide to do so, there are some available funds for which you can apply: KREATTIV 2013: a funding programme that brings together creative practitioners into schools to work with teachers and students to inspire, learn and create in a collaborative and innovative way! KREATTIV shall support, through... 

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More funding opportunities for EkoSkola Community Initiatives

April 22, 2013

IL-PREMJU TAL-PRESIDENT GHALL-KREATTIVITA’: awards arts-driven projects which engage with children and young people in the community. Its focused approach on young people and its emphasis on promoting social and community development programmes through art is a reflection of a society which rewards and fosters talent from an early age, supports the recognition of excellence in art and creativity, and ensures that opportunities for developing creativity are freely accessible to all. The awards programme... 

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National Waste Minimisation Award

February 26, 2013

Nature Trust (Malta) was awarded the National Waste Minimisation Award 2012 for the International Event it organised in November 2012 – The International National Operators Meeting of Eco Schools – where delegates from over 53 countries attended. The event was organised in a way as to reduce as much as possible waste generation. NTM is now automatically a candidate for the EU waste minimisation award.  more

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