National Eco-Schools Operators’ Meeting hosted in Malta

November 8, 2012

Eco-Schools National Operators’ are already arriving in Malta for the Annual National Operators’ Meeting which is going to be held in Malta to celebrate the 50 years of Nature Trust Malta and 10 years of FEE and EkoSkola in Malta.  65 delegates from 48 countries will be participating in this conference which is intended to be an especially Green Conference making use of the least amount of paper and disposables whilst promoting car pooling, sharing, tree planting, beach cleaning and... 

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Strina 2012 Minn Qalbi b’Impenn – Pledging through Personal Commitment

October 29, 2012

The Piggy Bank campaign in aid of the Malta Community Chest Fund is now again in full swing. For the second time round, EkoSkola students can participate to this commendable initiative not only through monetary help but also through pledging a personal commitment towards improving the quality of life in their community. This means that besides making their annual donation, they decide to do something more tangible towards helping those who are in need and improving the environment. A pledge sheet... 

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Comenius Project Call: History and Cultural Heritage

October 10, 2012

Mr Francisco Ramon Merino Mesa has contacted EkoSkola inviting Maltese Schools to join a Comenius Project he is working on. Mr Merino Mesa works in a little Spanish school. It is in Andalusia, the South of Spain.  He has got a degree in Humanities: he loves history, geography, cultural heritage and nature. Currently, he is finishing a Master about Spanish as Second Language and I´d like to teach abroad in a country as Malta, for example. Mr Merino is inviting a Maltese school to work with him in... 

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Back to School…2012-2013

September 21, 2012

With the new scholastic year EkoSkola Malta has some announcements… The EkoSkola Team is pleased to announce the addition of an EkoSkola Co-ordinator, Mr. Bernard Grixti.  He will be coordinating schools together with Liz, Cynthia, Audrey, Johann and Marvic.  Welcome Bernard!!  Schools will be contacted accordingly by their coordinators. During the summer we were pleased to attend Liz’s wedding to Mr Rene Agius.  Congratulations to Mr Rene and Mrs Elizabeth Agius!! The winners of... 

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The 8th EkoSkola Parliament Session

June 12, 2012

On the morning of 12th June 2012 the Parliament of Malta had a special session – students aged 6-15 from various schools participating in the EkoSkola programme sat next to Members of Parliament and put forward their opinions.  Amongst others they presented a Declaration intended for the Rio +20 Summit entitled ‘Caring for our Future’, which they themselves had  put together after a discussion summit earlier on this month.  Together with the motion in which they raised issues... 

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