Minn Qalbi…b’Impenn

November 14, 2011

The Piggy Bank campaign in aid of the Malta Community Chest Fund is now in full swing. This year, EkoSkola students wanted to add a personal touch to this commendable initiative. EkoSkola students are renowned for taking a personal commitment towards improving the quality of life in their community. So besides making their annual donation, they decided to do something more tangible towards helping those who are in need and improving the environment. For this purpose a pledge sheet was prepared inviting... 

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Guidelines to reduce waste in schools

November 13, 2011

On the occasion of the European Week for Waste Reduction WasteServ Malta and EkoSkola – Nature Trust Malta joined forces to produce guidelines which offer all interested plenty of information and practical ideas and tips for a whole school approach to reduce waste. It guides one how to start off or continue a waste reduction campaign at school, all this compiled in one document. It can also be used by students to acquire more knowledge about waste management and discover how they can make a big... 

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10 years for EkoSkola in Malta

July 21, 2011

EkoSkola and FEE Malta will soon be 10 years old.  EkoSkola was introduced locally by Nature Trust Malta in 2002 starting off with 6 pilot schools.  Today over 60% of schools in Malta are participating in the EkoSkola programme.  Stay on the lookout.  Celebrations are in the pipeline…  more

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Linking with other Eco-Schools

May 24, 2011

Want to share plans, ideas and projects with other Eco-Schools, local or foreign?  Or perhaps learn how other schools tackled particular difficulties or planned a particular theme? Schools are encouraged to set up links with other schools participating in the Eco-Schools programme – you have a choice from 53 countries. Besides sharing EkoSkola experiences students can practice the languages they are learning at school.  Schools are free to decide how to proceed with the linking, whether... 

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