Eco-Schools 8th Young People’s Summit

October 5, 2017

We care about our future:

Caring for Our Seas

Eco-Schools 8th Young People’s Summit

4th October 2017

Literally braving the weather, 86 students from 19 schools yesterday participated in the 8th edition of the Eco-Schools Young People’s Summit held @ Fort St Angelo, Vittoriosa. Students of all ages were engaged in discussions about ways of promoting a more sustainable use of the oceans and their resources.

With two upcoming high-profile conferences about the vital role of seas: Our Ocean (5-6 October) and the European Marine Science Educators Association (EMSEA) Conference (7-10 October), Nature Trust FEE Malta once more felt compelled to provide students participating in the Eco-Schools programme the opportunity to voice their concern about marine related issues.

Climate change, Protection of marine life, Marine litter, Sustainable fishing, Energy generation from the sea, and the Effect on communities relying on the sea were amongst the themes discussed.

Several concerns were brought up and a number of recommendation were also made. These were collated into a declaration that was then approved by the young people attending the Summit. The declaration will be presented to the delegates attending both conferences in an effort to give voice to the citizens whose future will be definitely impacted by the decisions taken during these events.

The following is the declaration:

We, the students of Eco-Schools, as responsible citizens of Malta, Europe and the world…

–     are aware that the quality of life on our planet depends on our oceans;

–     feel that our seas need to be protected and managed with care;

–     are worried that there is a lot of talk about the protection of our seas, but very little effective action;

–     are worried that certain decisions taken by adults are not protecting our seas effectively;

–     would like to have a say in the decisions taken about our future and the future of our seas; and

–     would like to present our ideas about how we can safeguard our seas.

We feel that Climate Change can be controlled by:

We feel that Marine Life and the communities depending on it can be protected by:

We feel that Marine Litter can be controlled by:

We feel that to implement all these ideas we need to have:

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