Eco-Schools students audit the Ministry for Education and Employment building

January 30, 2019

A group of thirty Eco-Schools students from six schools conducted an environmental audit at the Ministry for Education and Employment building in Floriana. The students were welcomed by Mr Josef Borg, Assistant Director at the Office of the Permanent Secretary and Mr Aaron Abdilla, Assistant Private Secretary to the Minister. After a debriefing by Prof Paul Pace, Eco-Schools National Coordinator, student groups chose specific areas of the building to audit.

Accompanied by their teachers and the Eco-Schools coordination team, the students toured and examined the building and audited various areas including the customer care offices, reception area, the Minister’s, the Permanent Secretary’s and the Secretariat’s offices, boardrooms, kitchenettes, bathrooms, restrooms, corridors, fire exits, waiting rooms, terraces, the yard and various other facilities. The students also had the opportunity to speak with the staff to understand better in which way the existing building design, operations and in-house policies are contributing to a more sustainable lifestyle.
The students’ recommendations will now be collated and tabled into an action plan that will be presented to Hon. Minister Evarist Bartolo and the Permanent Secretary Dr Francis Fabri later on this year. In a year’s time the Eco-Schools students will once again visit the Ministry to see if the recommendations they put forward were adopted.
The audit was conducted by students from the following Green Flag Schools: St Thomas More College Santa Lucia Secondary School, St Augustine College Secondary School, St Thomas More College Tarxien Middle School, The Archbishop’s Minor Seminary, St Nicholas College Rabat Primary and San Ġorġ Preca College Paola Primary A.

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