EkoSkola 7th Young People’s Summit – We care about our future

April 4, 2017

Two hundred students from 30 schools participating in the EkoSkola Programme participated in the 7th edition of the Young People’s Summit during which students, during 6 separate workshops, put forward their proposals on the following topics not only on a local scale but particularly on a European scale:

The result is the following declaration.

We, the students of EkoSkola, as citizens of Malta, Europe and the world …

–    are doing our best to ensure that our environment is protected and taken care of;

–    are worried that certain decisions do not benefit our environment;

–    would like to have a say in the decisions taken about our future; and

–    would like to present our ideas about Water Resources, Climate Change and Circular Economy to:

We, the students of EkoSkola, feel that Water Resources can be safeguarded by:

We, the students of EkoSkola, feel that Climate Change can be controlled by:

We, the students of EkoSkola, feel that a Circular Economy can be promoted by:

[1] The declaration on climate change compiled during the 6th EkoSkola Young People’s Summit in 2016 is available here: http://www.ekoskola.org.mt/uploads/2016/11/Newsletter-52.pdf

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