Animal awareness

A visit to the Island Sanctuary

On the 20th of May 2011, the Eko-Skola Committee was invited to spend a morning at the Island Sanctuary. The visit was a very nice experience for me, and in fact I went to visit again just two days later, as I was so touched by how much the dogs want to be loved. From this whole experience I learnt that a dog is a true friend indeed. Even though some of these dogs were tortured and badly hurt they still want to bring happiness to other people and keep us happy with them. A particular dog named ‘Olympia’ preferred staying close to us rather than going to eat. I can really say that I was touched by a dog. A story that struck me the most was that of a dog named ‘Hero’. This dog was a saviour to another dog who was stolen from the owner’s home and abandoned near ‘Hero’. He fell in love with her and helped her survive even though he was very weak and ill. Eventually the dog was found near ‘Hero’, who would not let her go when the owner came to take her back home. So the Island Sanctuary decided to take the two dogs together and take care of Hero.  The owner thought that without Hero’s help her stolen, beloved dog wouldn’t have survived, this is why he was named ‘Hero’. This whole experience has taught me that if animals forgive people who have done harm to them, we should all the more! Animals in general know how to love us, so we should all love them back.  Article written by Denise Caruana of 4 Paris

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