The Cloth Bag Project

Each girl was given a plain cloth bag to paint and decorate as she wishes.  She was also told to create her own environmental logo on one side of  the bag. Children often carry an extra bag to school for extracurricular activities or other necessities.  For this reason our school thought of giving each child a cloth bag which they would make their own by decorating it with their own painted creations and ideas.  One side however was to be an environmental message which the student believes in.  The girls really enjoyed doing this task and are very proud of their new bags.  Once finished the bags were left to dry completely and where passed on to the girls on Environment Day each year. Artists at Work! The girls were asked to create their own environmental logo and they painted one side at a time. One would appreciate that this task needed time as after creating the design, the bags needed to be left to dry before each student could carry on with the other side of the bag. Hanging up the masterpieces to dry Here we can see two sizes of bags being hung up to dry.  The little ones belong to the KG11 and to Year one students as all the members of the primary school participated. Creating a personal environmental logo! Each girl was free to choose the logo they wished.  Some tackled the trees, the sea creatures, climate change, etc.

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