Mediterrenean Garden in School

As part of the Action Plan theme of Biodiversity, a Mediterrenean Garden was made. Various plants were introduced. A group of students worked on the naming of the plants, while others took part in planting the plants. Regular maintenance is important.

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A School’s Good Practice across EkoSkola, LEAF and YRE

St Benedict College Safi primary shares it’ good practice through the powerpoint below.  The school managed to integrate all three FEE educational programmes, that is EkoSkola, LEAF and YRE within school life and across the curriculum. Click here to download pdf…

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Getting in touch with Nature – Biodiversity

Year 4 students did a lot of research and learnt about nature for this one week project.

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Appreciating the environment – Dinja Waħda

The students are encouraged to appreciate the different aspects of the environment focusing on biodiversity and the various creatures found in Malta. Throughout the year teachers prepare activities to help students understand and learn the beauties of the World that surrounds them, appreciate them and feel the need to take care of them. The children realise that biodiversity is on decline as a result of the way we are living and because of this many creatures and their habitats are disappearing. 

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Animal Awareness and Climate Change

As one of the focuses for this year was animal awareness the committee decided to link this with loss of habitat due to climate change and set out on a campaign of awareness- a range of activities that involved the whole school throughout the year. The EkoSkola committee launched a campaign of awareness first by assigning an animal to each class. The pupils then together with their teachers researched that animal and presented and shared their information through the EkoSkola noticeboard (pic.6) and by means of presentations during assembly. Animals are not rubbish competition   Students researched animals of endangered species especially those effected by loss of habitat due to climate change – gathered information and shared it by means of charts and project work in science lessons.   Students worked in groups and built models of the endangered animals from recycled material in art and craft lessons. The models were put up for an exhibition for parents to see during parents day and the models were exhibited at St.James Cavalier . Animals are not rubbish competition:Students worked in groups and built models of the endangered animals from recycled material. The EkoSkola notice board: Informing and involving through EkoSkola notice board. Flick the Switch Week and Flick the Switch Poster Competition- Winners of the Poster Competition As part of Flick the Switch Week – we switched off the light for a week for an hour everyday – readings were taken priorand post to this activity and data was collected and presented in graphs. (whole school)   Flick the Switch Poster – students produced posters with messages of how to make better use of resources and reduce consumption of energy. (entries from Senior 1, 2 and grade 3) Our school was one of the winners for Flick the Switch HSBC Climate Change Talks/HSBC Eco Code Poster Competition (Pic.3) Hosted talks for students from Grade 3 to Senior 2 organised by HSBC representatives and took part in a quiz at the end of the session focusing on climate change and global warming. We also participated in Eco Code Poster competition and were winners in our category HSBC Eco Code Poster Competition and exhibition for parents. Eco Code winning poster. Involving and informing parents on two parental mornings. Celebrating Eco Day The EkoSkola committee together with the staff organised an eco morning were a programme of activities were celebrated with parents and distinguished guests. Activities included an exhibition, songs, a play called Drops of Life, presentation of Siġra ta’ l-Għargħar followed by tree planting. Presentation of ‘Siġra tal-Għargħar’ and tree planting on Environment Day

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