Limestone Heritage – Cultural heritage

Our year five girls visited the Limestone Heritage and learnt about our natural stone.  They even experienced working with the stone. At the Limestone Heritage, the girls were shown around an exhibition whilst listening on headphones to the history of the building industry in Malta.  They were told where the stone comes from and methods used to work this stone where described to them.  They could also see the different tools and vehicles that were used in the past and the way the stone turners and builders worked.  As they walked their way through the exhibition, the girls could see for themselves how the stone, the tools and machinery, all progressed along the years. Men cutting the stone in days gone by. The girls were told how, unlike the nowadays, when they use machinery to simplify their work, these poor workers had to cut the stone slabs by hand.  Here we can see the only tools they had. Getting a feeling of the Maltese Stone. Children were given the opportunity to try their hand at stone turning scraping out different traditional designs.  The girls had the time of their life, creating their work of art, which they could take home with them at the end of the visit. The old truck with its traditional decorations on the front. This is an old vehicle used in the past.  The builders took pride in their trucks and decorated them with names and painted patterns.  Here we can see some stones loaded on the truck and these too had to be loadedby hand.

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