Earth day

Project ideas we did and want to share!

At St Francis School, Victoria, we took a lot of initiatives throughout the year.  The following is just a list to say briefly what we did and perhaps give others ideas of what can be done… 1.    Treasure Hunt and Sports Day – Tokens were given to all students who took part. All tokens were made by Teachers and LSA’s and were made from reusable/recycled materials. Ex. a pencil holder. 2.    Models related to water – All the children were asked to design a model to give others ideas about how to save water. Ex. a shower rather than a bath as a model. 3.     Earth Day – Lights off around the whole school- classrooms, office, toilets, interactive white boards, computers, bells – all were switched off for a whole hour and we calculated that we used 13% less electricity on that day! 4.      Recycled Models – Children participated eagerly. They made models of their choice using only recycled materials. Ex. A Carnival Float made of recycled things 5.      Enjoying Reading while Saving money – All the children were asked to bring books. In class, children exchanged books between them. Thus saving money from not buying new books. 6.      Reusable Bottles, Napkins and Lunch Boxes – All children are encouraged to bring reusable bottles, napkins and lunch boxes. A member from the School Council checked that everybody got the right type of bottles, napkins and lunch boxes. Now all students are doing this! 7.       Included used materials when teaching – All the teachers, when conducting lessons tried their best to use recycled materials. Ex. Year 1: During Religion used cereal boxes for the topic Holqien.       Year 4: While painting in Science used Frott Artna Containers.       Year 6: During Maths used cereal cardboard to measure angles. Actually a lot more related initiatives were taken in school during the year.                                                                                        Ylenia Grech

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Open day at St Edward’s on Earth Day

At St Edward’s College we celebrated Earth Hour by collecting money for 2 causes – 1) to adopt a Turtle in April (it would be the 2nd one) – we also informed Nursery – Yr 3 classes about the Adopt a Turtle Scheme 2) we collected funds for Kenya. We know a group of young Maltese people who will be going for a Mission in Kenya this Summer with the Augustinians.

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Earth Hour initiative

Students who had attended a turtle release produced a short video to raise awareness about marine environment.  At school we held a short special assembly to celebrate Earth Hour. Students were shown the video and could see photos and video taking part in YRE and Litter Less Campaign (Wrigley).  Students were encouraged to share the video clip (Turtle release) to spread the message to protect the marine environment.

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Earth Day

As a closure to our environment related activities we made a promise to help make the World a better place. In preparation for Earth Day we had a big jigsaw puzzle of the World made. Each class had a piece on which they had to write their promise to the World. On Earth Day during the Assembly we gathered all the pieces, put in place and read our promises. In relation to this week we had other activities with the same theme, including singing, presentations and games. Putting the jigsaw together Gathering the pieces together to make the World.   Singing “Fjuri Fwieha u Kuluri” Singing beautifully songs related to the environment.

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