Waste Minimisation with Students’s Voice – European Dimension

Our school took part in the SVED (Students’ Voice European Dimension) and 1 eco school member together with the link teacher had the opportunity to visit a school in Bari and explain the work of the Eko Skola committee. After doing an environmental review, the Eko Skola committee decided to focus on waste management for the year 2009 – 2010. Thus, all activities were linked with this theme. Some of the activities we organised included a Christmas craft competition, where students had to produce a craft by using reused materials. The Eco Code drawing competition was also focused on waste minimisation; and both Primary and Secondary students participated in these two competitions. We started preparing for the SVED/ Eko Skola presentation by doing the environmental review. All the committee members had different roles and some even went to take photos during the break. Others, prepared a grid which they used when they monitored the hygiene levels in the classrooms. From the environmental review it was clear that we needed to give students more information and so we attached a notice board in a prominent place, next to the receptionist so that everyone will see it. We decorated the notice board and attached a lot of information. There was also the need to distribute boxes in each classroom where students can separate paper and so we attached a sign that read ‘paper’ on different boxes and placed them in all the Secondary classes. All this work was recorded on a video which we used to further explain our work in Bari. The video also entailed individual interviews by all the committee members were they had the opportunity to explain what their role in Eko Skola is. After gathering all the data, the video was finalised and edited by one of our Eko Skola students. This was then shown during one of the presentations in Bari. Furthermore, this same video was also shown at school to parents, students and staff during our Awards Ceremony. This was an interesting and motivating project where the committee had fun and  learned at the same time. The EkoSkola revamped notice board This is the final look of our new Eko Skola notice board. Various information about all aspects of Eko-skola are displayed. This information includes aspects related to healthy eating and exercise, pollution, recycling and waste management amongst others. The EkoSkola committee members These are most of the Eko skola committee members. Starting from top left: David Borg, Manwel Zarb, Rodianne Vella. Bottom left: Samuel Mallia, Yanick Yankam, Jake Abela & Kieran Pace. Eco-code Drawing Competition Winner We did a Drawing Competition so as to involve all the students (Primary & Secondary) in our school eco code. This drawing won the first place since it is about waste management and is simple but can deliver an effective message.

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