An Early Christmas Gift

It is Friday 14th December, 8 o’clock in the morning, we are a group of children at Siġġiewi primary.  Today we did not go to our classrooms for lessons.  We left our satchels to the side, forgot all about our lessons and started to prepare for a party.  There are sandwiches to butter, bread rolls to fill, cakes to cut up and so many more things.  By 9 o’clock we were ready to meet the elderly.  A group of around 50 elderly came to our school. When they arrived, our head Mr. Decelis took them round the museum of education.  They could see lots of things that they themselves used when they were children.  The EkoSkola committee then led them to the school hall to watch a mini Christmas concert.  They had lots of fun seeing us dance, act and sing.  Later, all of the elderly were invited for a party that we ourselves prepared for.  Together we shared some snacks and had a little chat.  We all enjoyed it so much!  We hope to invite them again next year, especially since the EkoSkola committee is working on voluntary work. Pupil Members of the EkoSkola Committee at Siġġiewi Primary Desiree Camilleri, Francesca Mallia and Nathan Borg

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