Green Flag

A School’s Good Practice across EkoSkola, LEAF and YRE

St Benedict College Safi primary shares it’ good practice through the powerpoint below.  The school managed to integrate all three FEE educational programmes, that is EkoSkola, LEAF and YRE within school life and across the curriculum. Click here to download pdf…

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Eco-School Green Flag Ceremony

On the 24th of November, a few members of the committee and myself, were invited to a ceremony held at St Benedicts College – Kirkop to collect the green flag. Once there, we were given a few words of congratulations and our school’s name, amongst others, was announced and we proudly went up on stage and received the flag. As I am the president, I was the first to receive it and passed it on to the other members of the committee. The committee’s secretary and I, were given a green sash to commemorate the event. The whole committee and the school has worked very hard to earn this flag, a symbol of a school working in favour of the environment. When I was handed the flag on the stage, I felt so happy that our school and many others are doing so much for the environment. As important as the flag itself, is our perseverance  to keep fighting for and protecting our  environment! During Eco week our school will celebrate this achievement during a special ceremony which will be held on the 15th of March. Denise Caruana 4 Vienna President EkoSkola

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The work that led us to the Green Flag

Along the year, the Eco-School committee keeps record of the activities and events organized to help the school environment. These are recorded in the ‘Action Plan’ and in the ‘Eco-School committee file’. 

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