St Michael Newsletter January – March 2017


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St Michael School EkoSkola Newsletter Oct-Dec 2016


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De La Salle College (Junior Section) Erasmus+ Project ITTH (It’s Time To Help)

The main idea behind the project “It´s time to help” (ITTH) was to instil international cooperation among European schools involved in Eco-Schools Programme. The ITTH project offered an opportunity for pupils between the age of 8 and 16 together with their teachers from the Czech Republic, Latvia, Germany, Finland, Malta and Portugal to co-operate together within the Eco-Schools structure and to develop new friendships among the pupils and the teachers.  It also helped to increase their interest in culture, traditions and environment of the countries, but also to compare their previous work in the field of environmental issues, share their experience and ideas and also look for effective solutions to issues related to water, energy, waste, bio-diversity, economical consumer and school environment. The project was divided into three main parts: preparation, realisation and finalization. During the preparation phase of the project, partner schools prepared the websites, the project logo, communicated with a local/regional Eco-centre and deputies, organised regular school-team meetings, did their school analyses on the set Eco-topics and disseminated information about the scheduled events and activities. During the project realisation phase the host schools organised meetings on different eco-related topics and the partner schools took part in the meeting where they worked in a team, participated in/observed lessons, attended workshops, compared prepared analyses, suggested solutions to Eco-problems of the partner schools, exchanged their experience and ideas, gathered materials for booklets and evaluated actual work. In the finalization phase both the pupils and the teachers evaluated the project websites, cooperation and communication among the partners. They evaluated each-partner-school´s outputs and results, school performance of tasks and planed further cooperation and project outcomes and results dissemination. The main proceeds of the project include six booklets focusing on different project topics where the Eco-problems were described together with the schools analyses and their solutions, worksheets together with the methodology instructions for further use in schools/eco-centres, CDs with project description, its outcomes, results and worksheets with instructions were created for free using by anybody who was and is interested in Eco-questions. The ITTH project contributed to cross-curricular education and thus enabled all pupils to develop talent, knowledge, skills and competences in different spheres. The teachers thanks to the cooperation with their foreign partners had a considerable opportunity to share experience, teaching ideas and procedures. Through the ITTH project the pupils and teachers, as well, became aware of their own responsibility for the environment. The ITTH project led pupils, teachers and the public to realize that sustainable growth is the only way how to save the Earth for future generations. The project motivated them for further active participation in everyday life and foreign language learning and also extended their area of competences and thus contributed to their further career orientation. All the proceeds and information are published on-line on the project website http://itth.webnode.cz/

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EkoSkola Newsletter starts to be issued at St Michael School, Sta Venera

St Michael School’s EkoSkola Committee took the initiative to start issuing a newsletter as a way of informing all students teacher parents and all involved and interested. Click here to download the newsletter in PDF format.

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