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A School’s Good Practice across EkoSkola, LEAF and YRE

St Benedict College Safi primary shares it’ good practice through the powerpoint below.  The school managed to integrate all three FEE educational programmes, that is EkoSkola, LEAF and YRE within school life and across the curriculum. Click here to download pdf…

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Removal of metal frames from windows from San Gorg Preca College, Floriana Primary

The classroom windows were covered by a metal frame which made the classrooms look dull.  The teachers had to switch on the lights for a whole day.  Besides the façade looked very unattractive.

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Appreciating the School Yard – The school grounds

The school yard is used for different activities throughout the scholastic year. At our school, teachers and students are encouraged to value the school yard by playing various games during lunch time and also throughout the day. Enjoying ourselves during lunch break. Feeling responsible for each other during play. The school yard is also a place where our students have the opportunity to learn about other issues related to the curriculum and also other extra curricular activities. Learning how to use a digital camera. Various activities are held throughout the scholastic year for teacher, students and also for parents.

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