Global Action Days

It’s that time of the year again. Time to act and help the environment! The Global Action Days is a campaign by the Foundation for Environmental Education to activate students and teachers to lead the change for a more sustainable world by getting involved in fun-filled, informative, activities. Participating in constructive, meaningful actions helps young people to see the point of being involved, and aids their understanding of what they can do themselves to help the environment. It’s all very simple. Plan your action, document the action by taking pictures, making a video or writing an article, register your school online and SHARE with the rest of the world on our Global Action Days Facebook page in the week of 9-15 November 2015. The chosen theme for Global Days of Action 2015 is Climate Change because of the Climate Conference known as COP21 which takes place in Paris later this year. The conference is about all governments agreeing to a deal to significantly reduce man-made Climate Change. As Climate Change is such a huge topic, FEE believes it is the ideal theme to focus on in 2015. All information on how to join this action can be found on www.ecoschools.global/global-action-days #globalactiondays #FEE #EcoSchools The Global Action Booklet is also available here.

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Saving Water

St Benedict College, Għaxaq Primary EkoSkola Committee this year chose Water as a theme to discuss and take action on.  Estelle Scicluna, a year 5 student and committee member took the initiative to write the following: Water is life, because it is the most important resource for all living things. This should make us more careful not to waste it away especially since our water is drying out, and the Earth is becoming a thirsty planet! How can we save water? Some changes in our lifestyle can make a huge difference. For example, it’s better to take a shower than a bath to use less water. Plants should be watered in the evening and not during the day. Use the washing machine only when you have a full load. Always close the tap when you are brushing your teeth or washing the dishes. By following these simple tips, we can make the world a better place and Earth will smile again. Thank you for helping!                                                                        Estelle Scicluna Yr 5 The school held a ‘Save the drop’ drawing competition. These posters are now exhibited in different parts of the school to remind visitors that water is an important resource. All these drawings will next year be used in the school calendar.  

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Young People Earth’s Summit 2013

After the success of the first Young People’s Environmental Summit held last year as part of the 10th Anniversary of EkoSkola, we decided to organise the event again to give our students another opportunity to develop citizenship skills. This year, the summit was held on the 25th February 2013 in an effort to provide students with an opportunity to talk to the political parties in preparation for the coming General Elections. During the 2008 General Election campaign, students had presented a memorandum to the political parties based on the feedback obtained from a questionnaire distributed to over 8,500 households in Malta and Gozo. Children wanted to invite the political parties contesting the elections to make a tangible commitment towards the local environment. Students from 24 schools were given the opportunity to meet and discuss their environmental concerns and their future at Xrobb l-Għaġin Nature Park and Sustainable Development Centre. The discussions were organised into 6 workshops: 3 for primary and 3 for secondary schools. The themes discussed included: Land use and Misuse; Water Management; Alternative Energy Sources; Waste Management; Junk Mail; Fair Trade; Transport and Traffic Pollution; and Marine Life Conservation. Conclusions from each workshop were then collated to form a declaration that was approved by the attendees and presented to representatives from the political parties contesting the General Elections.

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World Water Day at Our School

It was Thursday, the 22nd of March and we have been preparing an assembly, which commemorates World Water Day, for the last two weeks! Ms Miriam told us to do some write-ups and charts about World Water Day and she looked for some information. Ms Cynthia, coordinator of EkoSkola, sent us some video-clips as well and with the help of Ms Carmen Seychell and the Art teacher, Ms Annalise, we made the charts and posters. These were all exhibited in the hall. Each of us, members of the EkoSkola, were given work-which we did wholeheartedly! On the day we gathered at the Hall and the program started with 2 video clips! Then Estelle, Sarah and Celine  performed a very short play about shortage of water. Afterwards Jake and Daniel explained the work we did on the charts and posters and then James, Maya, Russlana, Michelle, Emma and Martina read the information. Emma  also prepared this presentation. Ms Miriam also prepared a surprise for us because she made us T-shirts with the international emblem of World Water Day! We enjoyed the assembly very much and we also were extra cautious not to waste water! We hope that the message was delivered well to our friends! Members of EkoSkola Luqa Primary

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Water Hippos

The school already uses water collected from the rain for use in toilets and to economise further on water, we introduced the water hippos, which consists of  a half litre water bottle filled with pebbles and placed in the cistern. The water hippos were placed in each cistern in the school.  Each classroom had a reconciliation sheet, on which each girl who used the flushing, marked with a tick. This sheet was collected at the end of the day and totals marked.  This happened day after day for a week. The eco-wardens were in charge of placing the sheet in the morning and collecting it before the end of the school day.  At the end of the week we put it all together and found that we had saved. Ticking after having used the bathroom After using the bathroom, each girl was responsible to tick so that we could keep a record to be totalled at the end of the week.

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Saving Water – Saving Nature

During this scholastic year various activities were held to raise awareness about saving water.  Students were made aware that simple actions can substantially cut down water use. Class teachers emphasised that water needs to be used wisely and that waste of water could result in dangerous imbalances in the functioning of nature. Students were taught how to use less  water for their daily activities and how they can use water carefully indoors as well as outdoors. Responsible students started practising this activity at our school. During breaktime they checked every tap which is in the pantry, P.T.A. room, toilets, etc. and made sure that no tap was left opened unnecessary. This activity was very successful and the students related what they have learned to their parents.

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The Moving Drop

On the 26th February the Hon. George Pullicino, Minister for Resources and Rural Affairs, launched a campaign to increase awareness about the conservation of water. The Minister presented the Moving Drop, a sculpture made out of recycled plastic bottles to St Nicholas College, Girls Secondary Rabat, as this locality marked the start of the aqueduct route. The moving drop symbolising the aqueduct route was passed round to fifteen schools, these schools both state and non-state posted in the drop water-conservation messages. The drop was then received by St. Albert the Great College in Valletta, on the 22nd March as this date commemorates World Water Day. Student representatives from Primary and Secondary schools met at Valletta’s main entrance the City Gate. Badges with the logo Catch the drop were distributed, students walked to St. George’s Square holding banners and boards in favour of saving water. Minister George Pullicino received the Moving Drop, filled with students’ messages. Students representing the aqueduct carried papier-mâché arches that formed the aqueduct. Water in a clay vase carried by students was symbolically passed on to students representing localities ranging from Rabat to Valletta, then students from Valletta primary poured the water into fountain mimicking the arrival of water to the capital city.

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Animal Awareness and Climate Change

As one of the focuses for this year was animal awareness the committee decided to link this with loss of habitat due to climate change and set out on a campaign of awareness- a range of activities that involved the whole school throughout the year. The EkoSkola committee launched a campaign of awareness first by assigning an animal to each class. The pupils then together with their teachers researched that animal and presented and shared their information through the EkoSkola noticeboard (pic.6) and by means of presentations during assembly. Animals are not rubbish competition   Students researched animals of endangered species especially those effected by loss of habitat due to climate change – gathered information and shared it by means of charts and project work in science lessons.   Students worked in groups and built models of the endangered animals from recycled material in art and craft lessons. The models were put up for an exhibition for parents to see during parents day and the models were exhibited at St.James Cavalier . Animals are not rubbish competition:Students worked in groups and built models of the endangered animals from recycled material. The EkoSkola notice board: Informing and involving through EkoSkola notice board. Flick the Switch Week and Flick the Switch Poster Competition- Winners of the Poster Competition As part of Flick the Switch Week – we switched off the light for a week for an hour everyday – readings were taken priorand post to this activity and data was collected and presented in graphs. (whole school)   Flick the Switch Poster – students produced posters with messages of how to make better use of resources and reduce consumption of energy. (entries from Senior 1, 2 and grade 3) Our school was one of the winners for Flick the Switch HSBC Climate Change Talks/HSBC Eco Code Poster Competition (Pic.3) Hosted talks for students from Grade 3 to Senior 2 organised by HSBC representatives and took part in a quiz at the end of the session focusing on climate change and global warming. We also participated in Eco Code Poster competition and were winners in our category HSBC Eco Code Poster Competition and exhibition for parents. Eco Code winning poster. Involving and informing parents on two parental mornings. Celebrating Eco Day The EkoSkola committee together with the staff organised an eco morning were a programme of activities were celebrated with parents and distinguished guests. Activities included an exhibition, songs, a play called Drops of Life, presentation of Siġra ta’ l-Għargħar followed by tree planting. Presentation of ‘Siġra tal-Għargħar’ and tree planting on Environment Day

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