Flick the Switch at St Margaret College, Żabbar Primary B

Who's Participating:

A school energy efficiency campaign with the goal of getting kids into the habit of switching off lights and devices when they are not in use.  more

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Animal Awareness and Climate Change

Who's Participating: St Joseph, Mater Boni Consilii School, Paola

As one of the focuses for this year was animal awareness the committee decided to link this with loss of habitat due to climate change and set out on a campaign of awareness- a range of activities that involved the whole school throughout the year. The EkoSkola committee launched a campaign of awareness first by assigning an animal to each class. The pupils then together with their teachers researched that animal and presented and shared their information through the EkoSkola noticeboard (pic.6) and by means of presentations during assembly. Animals are not rubbish competition   Students... 

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Making our school greener – more trees and plants

Who's Participating: Gozo College, Nadur Primary

Making our school greener: children were invited to propose ideas to make our school greener.  more

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