St Michael School EkoSkola Newsletter Jan-March 2016

Who's Participating: St Michael School  more

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Action at Guardian Angel Resource Centre, Ħamrun

Who's Participating: San Ġorġ Preca College, Guardian Angel Resource Centre

At the beginning of the scholastic year 2015-2016, an environmental review was carried out at Guardian Angel Resource Centre. Together with the EkoSkola committee it was agreed that the first initiative on the action plan would be, ‘waste separation’. This would therefore involve all the school staff and students. The process: Recycled boxes were painted in blue and white to separate plastic and paper respectively. Every last week of the month, students go around all classes to weigh green bags. To encourage participation and as a merit of success, a certificate is being given out... 

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Global Action Days

It’s that time of the year again. Time to act and help the environment! The Global Action Days is a campaign by the Foundation for Environmental Education to activate students and teachers to lead the change for a more sustainable world by getting involved in fun-filled, informative, activities. Participating in constructive, meaningful actions helps young people to see the point of being involved, and aids their understanding of what they can do themselves to help the environment. It’s all very simple. Plan your action, document the action by taking pictures, making a video or writing an article,... 

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Good Practice during Celebration Day

Who's Participating: St Ignatius College, Siġġiewi Primary School

During the Celebration Day at Siġġiewi Primary School, the EkoSkola President, Esmeralda Sciberras, promoted EkoSkola and all the related activities organised by the committee.  First, the presentation below was shown to the guests and afterwards, she explained how first elections were carried out and how roles were given to the committee through a voting system.  Then, Esmeralda pointed out how the stakeholders at our school chose to work on WASTE MANAGEMENT this year and TAKING CARE OF ANIMALS during the following year.  Afterwards, the president mentioned that the action plan and the ecocode... 

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Middlesea House Environmental Audit

Who's Participating: St Francis School, Sliema, St Albert the Great College, San Ġorġ Preca College, Floriana Primary C

EkoSkola committee members from 3 Green Flag schools conducted an environment audit at Middlesea House in Floriana on the 30th April. The students went through the building and checked out lights, water and paper usage, waste separation and other sustainability issues. Following this event, they went back to their schools and committees and based on what they observed, an action plan was prepared. This was presented to Middlesea officials on 30th May. The students suggested less use of disposable plastic; short-term and long-term energy efficiency measures; more accessibility to disabled persons... 

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